About the ISVA

The mission of the International Sports Vision Academy is based on three principles: Education, Outreach and Affiliation: Education is training Optometrists, Vision Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Athletes and other interested parties in the art and science of Sports Vision and the prevention of vision-related sports injuries. Outreach is reaching Athletes, coaches, trainers, families and other interested parties to be aware of the importance of vision in sports and be aware of the impact of enhancement of vision skills. Affiliation is working with other professional organizations to bring together like-minded organizations thereby creating a more robust educational experience.

The focus of the organization is to promote prevention of sports vision injuries, vision enhancement therapy, prevention and treatment of concussive injuries for athletes, contact lenses and other eyewear options for athletes.

Our Board

Executive Board
President – Alex Andrich
Vice-President – Charles Shidlofsky
Secretary Treasurer – Jarrod Davies
Trustee – Benoit Lombaerts
Trustee – Dave Biberdorf
Trustee – Fred Edmunds
Trustee – Steve Hitzeman